Feel Good Friday Feature

The intention for your Feel-Good Friday Feature video is to give you something insightful to elevate your mood and energy levels, to brighten your day and to refresh your mind.

The short and sweet videos, that you will have access to every Friday for 12 weeks, include simple tips and tools that you can easily integrated into your life and workday to help inspire, motivate, and uplift you and improve your overall well-being.

This series is perfect for you if you want to feel good, and wish to confidently show up in your life and your business with more energy, positivity, and light.


12 Week Video Series

$49 (USD)

12 Week Pilates Video Series

Pilates is one of the "best" forms of exercise for overall well-being and for a woman’s body. Plus, the Pilates video series is the perfect fit for you if you want access to an exercise routine that fits into your schedule. 

Pilates is designed to Align your body on a physical level and improve back health and posture, which really is amazing for you if you sit behind a laptop for long periods.

Pilates also works on the brain and neuromuscular system, helping to regenerate your cells and release unwanted nervous tension from your system, which is why you feel so light, clear, relaxed, and refreshed after each session.

Practicing Pilates and applying the 8 principals brings you into a complete body mind connection, where you are fully present and engaged in each movement. It’s in this state that you are able to open up your intuition, expand your consciousness, elevate your vibrational frequency, uplift your energy levels and expand your creative potential.

Purchase my 12 Week Pilates Video Series and be led by me in the comfort of your own home at a time and on a day that works for you. On enrolment you shall have access to your first 30-minute Pilates video and then one each week there after. Keeping healthy, fit, flexible and toned just got so much easier for you.


$76 (USD)