The Group Program

If you wish to consistently show up in your business and for your clients, without burnout, but rather in and with your full creative potential,

I will lead you through my signature coaching program that I created to help female entrepreneurs, just like you, to get into alignment. 

By using powerful mindset tools with a specific formula and flow, this journey will teach you how to consistently show up in your business and for your clients in and with your full creative potential. 

All this, whilst building and growing a business you are proud of in alignment with a lifestyle you love. 

then this program is perfect for you. 


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Do you find yourself ...

Entertaining imposter syndrome and doubting your work; and that you, and what you offer is good enough?

Giving away your personal time, as its difficult to say no and put healthy boundaries in place?  

Blocked by perfectionism, waiting for the perfect conditions to get started and create? 

Running out of energy, which makes it challenging to consistently show up in your business and for your clients as you are tired and mentally drained?

Exhausted when it is time to launch your services and products and run out of steam at the crucial time of “making the sale” and when it really counts? 

Feeling bouts of passion and / or compassion fatigue every 3 months or so, which come to think of it now, is a bit of a habitual cycle and pattern that doesn’t serve you?

Putting you, your health and well-being last as there is no time for this when you are building your business and serving your clients? 

Struggling to balance everything that you need to do to get the job done, compromising your well-being in the process?  

Constantly overextending, overcommitting and getting burnt out which impacts your ability to create and come up with fresh new ideas?

Imagine how it will feel to … 

Trust yourself and your work; knowing that who you are, and what you offer is good enough so that you can confidently and consistently show up and shine online.

Easily maintain healthy boundaries with others and particularly with yourself, allowing you the time and space to do the things you love and the freedom you have been working towards.  

Confidently start and create new projects, knowing that the results shall be perfect and showcase your natural talents and abilities.  

Have enough energy to maintain and sustain a high vibe so you can show up in your business and for your clients and always give your best. 

Be in your full creative flow and place of genius when launching, especially at that crucial time of “making the sales’ so that you hit your income goals and targets.   

Consciously create great content that is totally in alignment with you, your business, and your dream clients, which easily ensures you build and grow your business and audience.  

Feel healthy, happy, and light; bringing this fresh abundant energy into everything you do, so that you always feel motivated, energised, and full of creative ideas. 

Effortlessly balance all the hats you wear in your business and in your personal life with grace and ease, so that you can be present and start to live and experience the life you are creating. 

Maintain a positive mindset and clarity around your vision so you can start to enjoy the freedom you are working towards. 

The great news is, all this and more is totally possible for you,

when you are in Alignment! 


Understanding and Awareness 

Module 1

This is an important starting point to your journey and will give you a full understanding and a deeper awareness of a holistic approach to your well-being and why this will support you immediately from where you are and take you to where you wish to go. Right from the start you will uncover any misalignments that need immediate attention to ensure you get your desired results.


Letting Your Story Go

Module 2

A powerful part of your journey, which I bring in right at the beginning as it’s a big turning point for you, is learning how to let go of past patterning and how to stop doing life based on old outdated coping mechanisms and old stories that no longer serve you, so that you can stay in alignment with what you want. I will also be teaching you your first mindset tool which shall free you up immediately and give you a tool to use in all areas of your business and life to stay focused and on track. 


Personal Perceptions and Associations

Module 3

The next part of your journey will be uncovering and shifting any unhealthy, unsupportive perceptions and associations that are misaligned and depleting your energy reserves. The saying goes what you perceive you shall achieve and knowing that your mind works by association in conjunction with this, using a strategy and formula I will ensure that your perceptions and associations are perfectly in alignment. Plus, I shall be teaching you your next mindset tool, to keep in your backpack as a resource to use as you travel through life. 


Your Success Mindset 

Module 4

In this module uncovering what you believe is super powerful and a game changer as what you believe will either steer you towards or away from your goals. Managing your mindset to cultivate beliefs that support you and are in alignment with are a winning formula as everything starts in the mind. I will explain to you the 3 different types of beliefs and with the next mindset tool, I shall be teaching you, you will have the ability to clear out any old beliefs, ditch any doubt that’s holding you back so that you can get into alignment with what’s true for you. 


Stress Management 

Module 5

Pinpointing your internal and external triggers that activate stress are going to really set you up for success. In today’s Module you shall get a deeper insight into what stress is, how it impacts you, your work, your ability to create and think clearly and I will be teaching you how to stay out of stress… as that’s the goal, to stay in alignment in your vibe and utilise your energy in the right way and form. Plus, I will be giving you a nifty little technique to get out stress mode in less than 3 minutes that works every time.


Step into Your Power 

Module 6

This is such an important module with a treasure chest full of golden nuggets for you. I will be teaching you how to recognise and neutralise your own ‘drama control’ that you may kick into when under pressure or dealing with conflict or stress; so that you can act rather than react and lovingly stand firm in who you are and in alignment. Acting from a place of responsiveness is super important for a female entrepreneur and will save you so much time, energy, and money. 


Your Relationship with Yourself

Module 7

I absolutely love teaching this module as it will be another profound turning point for you and ignite your unique talents, gifts and what makes you so special and able to create and do what you do so well. Bringing you to life in a way you may have never felt before, by helping you to raise your worth, your confidence whilst increasing your personal vibration and frequency. 


Maintaining Healthy Boundaries 

Module 8

Another module that is going to help you to show up in your business and shine and help you to manage your time and energy well so that you can stay in balance is most definitely this one. I will be teaching you the different types of boundaries and how each play out in your business and life. When you are able to clearly identify which boundaries you have and don’t have, and realign the areas that hinder your progress, everything from people pleasing to over extending and getting burnt out are a thing of the past.  


Mindful & Intuitive Eating 

Module 9

This is more than just about food choices and in this module you will have a deeper understanding of why ensuring this element of you well-being is take care of in order for you to cope mentally and emotionally and actually have the energy to create. A lot is going to make so much sense and you are going to be a whole lot happier and healthier. 


Moving Your Body 

Module 10

Moving your body is more than just going to the gym and in this module you are going to understand why and get a perspective on how moving your body will support you in showing up in your business and for your clients. There are some fundament universal laws that work with this module and once you know how to implement them to use to your benefit, you shall see the shift in your energy system and overall well-being. 


Rest, Recuperation & Restoration

Module 11

This week’s module is going to give you a completely fresh perspective and respect for rest and why the different types of rest, and yes there is more to this than just sleeping, are vital to your well-being and to you running a thriving business. Implementing the different types of rest into your schedule and understanding the mental and emotional laws of recuperation behind them, comes with a sense of well-being and the ability to maintain and sustain a healthy work/life balance and to you staying in alignment.  


Taking Inspired Action   

Module 12

For a female entrepreneur knowing how to take Inspired Action that is aligned will build confidence and will ensure on-going success for you. In the final module you are going to learn why taking inspired action is so important as an entrepreneur and the steps to take in alignment with your personality to get you your desired results. This is an exciting module and the elements in this module are going to shift you to that next level in your life and in your business. 



Sit back and relax and have a look at what we shall cover in each of your weekly Modules. 

So that you get the best results, I have designed the program with a specific formula and flow, so it’s important that we complete each module in order. 

Think of it like a Spring cleaning, you need to declutter and clear out the old before you bring in the fresh, shiny, and new.    

Kind Words from Clients

“Debra has an amazing ability to help guide you to the answers you need and in turn will do wonders to heal the soul. Her light and happy personality engulfs you in smiles and laughter. I would strongly recommend Debra’s coaching. It really is life changing!” 

- Cristina Machiné

“Debra has a lot of experience and has such a gentle manner that is easy to relate to. I love the personal feedback she sends after each workbook, because it makes you feel like a valued member of the group. More importantly, it makes the program feel very personal and specific to each person’s needs."

- Phindile Madlala

"Debra’s coaching offers practical and sustainable tools to develop a personal practice that kindles wellbeing, nurture, and self-kindness. Through mindful mastery and the sacred art of self-love, I have unearthed an inner power, worthiness, and vitality, that had been dormant for far too long."

- Sally Gale

“Debra, you are such an incredible human being who has really unlocked my potential and allowed me to take complete charge of my life and steer me positively towards my goals.”

- Yeshmeeta Peters

"I must say, there were several ‘aha’ moments, and I can only recommend this to anybody, even if you feel you may be living your best life already – there is always something you can learn from going through this process."

-Zaa Melaia

"Debra speaks from the heart. Her passion and objective are for you to achieve your complete personal well-being (mind, body, and soul) and she did that for me. Thank you, Debra."

- Rose Hawkins

What makes “Align Yourself” extra special?

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Each week we will get together as a group and I will go into more depth about the weekly module. This is where you shall have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and get coached LIVE by me. The beauty of group coaching sessions is that this is a place to come together and is a space that provides a feeling of community and connectedness and a reminder that you are not alone. 

Personalised Feedback

Even though this option of working with me is in a group environment, you shall still feel like you are getting individual attention; as each week when you send your completed workbook back to me, you will get my eyes on your work and I shall personally send you individual voice noted feedback and guidance. 

I believe in Quality and Adding Value

I believe in quality and adding value and that means when you work with me, I don’t hold back on sharing all my knowledge, wisdom and everything I know with you; so that you can upgrade your mindset, up your vibe, become the best version of yourself. This is when you can finally shatter that glass ceiling that they all talk about, which I call your AHA, Light bulb moments” . These are when your magical shifts happen and more often than not, there will be one for you each and every session. 

Working with a High-Quality Experience Coach

With 20 years in the Wellness Industry, my training as a Health & Fitness Instructor, Classical Pilates Teacher, Specialised Kinesiologist and Mindset Coach; combined with my own experience as a female entrepreneur; have all given me a solid foundation with a full holistic perspective of how to individually get the woman I work with great results. All whilst providing a safe place and space, that’s held in love and light with your best interest at heart.

Get the Tools and Techniques that Work

The program is full of life tools, skills, knowledge and insight that I shall teach and share with you, that are easy to integrate into your life and that you will always remember. Plus, what sets working with me apart from the rest, is that I bring in techniques and formulas that are unique to my training as a Specialised Kinesiologist, which have been tested and proven and add extra value to the program. 

Here’s a Summary of what you will get when you enrol in “Align yourself” The Group Program

12 x Training Videos 

12 x Workbooks

12 x 1hr LIVE Group Coaching Sessions via Zoom Video 

12 x Personalised voice note feedback 

And I have a few extra exciting Bonuses for you when you enrol

A personal invitation in April 2021 to my private Facebook group only for my Private and Group Coaching Program clients 

Enrolment into my 12-week “Pilates Video Series” On-Line Course – that goes Live in May 2021


your business, and your future …

If you have read down this far, you already know that this group program is perfect for you and is totally in alignment with how you wish to show up in your business and for your clients and is exactly what you need and have been looking for. 

“Align Yourself” – the group program is like no other program you will experience and if it’s that extra “je ne sais quio” you are looking for? “Align Yourself” – the group program will offer you just this and set you apart from the rest so that you can shine your light even brighter than ever before, uncovering your hidden gifts and talents that are unique to you. 

Investment in yourself,

Join the WAIT List now and get an additional Extra Bonus that I am excited to offer you of a 1hr 1:1 Private Coaching Call with me; which you get to use when we start the program. 

I know you know how valuable 1:1 time with a coach is, so if you think Align Yourself – The Group Program is the right fit for you, hop on the wait list now to ensure you get that extra bonus when it comes time to enrol. 

All you need to do now, to get on the wait list for April 2021, is to click on the link below  and you shall be added to my database. 

Join the Waitlist

Once Time Payment - $1497 (USD)

Option 1

Monthly Payment Plan - 3 x $576 (USD) 

Option 2


Are you looking for a more personalised experience when it comes to you getting into Alignment? I would love to invite you to have a look at my private coaching program, Align Yourself, where we shall work closely together over the 3 months. 


The great news is that you still have access to Align Yourself – The Group Program in April 2021, as this is one of the Bonuses you automatically get when you enrol for the Private Program option. 


What if I sign up for the waitlist, am I obliged to join? 
No, you are not obliged to join if you join the wait list now for the Group Program in April 2021. The wait list shows your interest and will give you first opportunity to join the group AND will give you the advantage of the Extra Bonus I am offering of a 1hr Private Coaching Call with me (once we start the program) and if you do enrol.

Once I enrol in the program when do we start? 
The group program starts on the 8th of April 2021, and I will be sending you all the details you need well in advance so you all set and ready for the first week. 

Do you offer a payment plan option?
Yes, I offer a 3 monthly payment plan of 3 instalments, which we can set up in your payment structure and schedule when you enrol. 

How will it work if we are in a different time Zone?  
This is the beauty of working on-line and having the freedom to choose when we work. With the group option the videos, workbooks and voice note feedback will be sent directly to you via email and you can watch the weekly video, answer your weekly workbook and listen to the related voice note feedback at any time that suits you during that week. For the group coaching calls, I do try my best to schedule the call in during the work week, that could potentially work for multiple time zones.    

Do you have a VIP upgrade option if I need personal time with you? 
Yes, there is an option for 3 ladies to upgrade to the VIP option which will give you 12 x 1hr 1:1 private coaching calls and personal time with me via Zoom; on and above the group program elements. When the doors open for enrolment, be sure to be on my wait list, and I shall give you this option as a priority. 

How much is the VIP upgrade option? 
Once off Payment of $3276 (USD) 
Payment Plan Option - 3 Instalments of $1176 (USD) each