Each and every day I still give thanks, and am filled with gratitude for the life that I have created and the beautiful environment that
I get to live in, enjoy and experience.

An environment when I feel alive and can live life fully expressed. An environment where I have the freedom to do the things that make my heart and soul happy; and an environment where I feel fulfilled and can thrive both personally and professionally.

Which brings me to where I live now, the most beautiful part of South Africa,
The Garden Route.

I then went on to study Specialised Kinesiology, a branch of Neuro-Training from Australia, which opened my eyes up to a deeper understanding and a world of knowledge and insight into how our minds and innate intelligence work and this has given me a solid foundation for my work as a Personal Alignment Coach, combined with many valuable life lessons, years of experience and continued learning.

2013 bought me back to South Africa, first to Johannesburg for a few years, and then to Durban for a few more.

I always knew this was not my final destination as the more in alignment I became with who I am and what I need and want in my life, the more I knew in my heart that my environment didn't serve or support me and the lifestyle I was trying to create and so deeply wanted to live.

So, after aligning my life and business to create the flexibility and freedom I needed to leverage my move, I finally took the leap of faith needed to embarked on the next stage and phase in my journey.

With whatever fitted into my car, which included bucket loads of courage, and the intention to "feel my way to find my way", the beginning of 2022 saw me setting off to find an environment that supported me and aligned with the healthier, happier and more balanced life I desired and was so ready to experience and live.

In the time that I lived in East Africa, I further trained a Classical Pilates Instructor,
which I absolutely love and still teach every day. 

I absolutely love my work, which is my purpose and passion, and I feel truly blessed to have been gifted with the natural talent and ability to teach women, like you, how to live a healthier, happier and more balanced life you love.

I was born in Durban, which is on the coast of sunny South Africa and when I was 14 all I wanted to be when I grew up was an Aerobics Instructor. I guess that’s where my desire to lead, teach, motivate, inspire, and uplift people started.

I have been in the Wellness Industry for 23+ years and my first job as a Fitness Professional took me to Kenya in the year 2000 and then in 2001 to Tanzania where I ended up staying for 12 years.

I feel quite lucky that I got to meet and work with people from all over the world, participate in various charity fundraisers; and that I made some special friendships, which I still have today. Spending most weekends on the local white sandy beaches and islands were the norm; and I got to travel internationally too, to some spectacular places, which is where I got the travel bug and a desire to experience different places in the world.

My name is Debra McCreedy, and
I am a Personal Alignment Coach.

Hello Lovely Lady, and Welcome 

"When you
Align Yourself, everything Aligns for you."

When I am not working, I love being outdoors and in nature. You can find me watching the sunrise, hiking, standup paddle boarding, keeping fit and healthy, cooking a delicious meal over a glass of wine, travelling, and exploring new places.

I love taking photos of beautiful landscapes, visiting wine farms for long lazy lunches, sipping cappuccinos at cute little cafes, spending quality time with the important people in my life; talking, deep meaningful conversations are my thing, and of course, creating quiet time for myself at home.

My friends will tell you that I am a kind, honest, positive, and optimistic woman who can find the golden nuggets and silver lining in any situation.

On a more casual note... 

- Jacqueline Tarlton

“The ability to leave people in a better state than when you found them is powerful, a gift. Debra’s gift and light and cheerful disposition are nothing short of inspirational. She has chosen to live her life in an easy, dignified manner which mirrors her teachings and I have found her to be completely authentic in all her behaviour. She is the embodiment of sincerity, positivity, and endurance.” 

- Jenine van Duyn

“Debra is one of the warmest and kindest people I know. She is extremely caring, is interested in people, has very strong principles and has a wonderful sense of humour. You know that Debra is listening when you talk to her and gives you her undivided attention – a quality not found in many people today. I feel that I am most fortunate to have met this special woman.”

- Leigh Phipson

“Debra's sparkling sense of humour, forward-thinking vision and balanced approach inspires confidence. She is a leader who practises what she preaches. Her direct, authentic, and honest attitude is refreshing. Highly ethical, Debra is true to herself and to her beliefs. All the above attributes led to my decision to choose Debra as a life coach at a time of major transition in my life.”  

- Cecile van Aswegen

“Debra has such a positive energy. She is one of those people who just lights up a room with their presence. She shows high levels of commitment and motivation, and I loved having her as my coach.” 

- Monika Barnes

"I first met Debra whilst we were both living as expats in Tanzania over 10 years ago and we have since grown our friendship through our common interest in the health and wellness industry. Debra shines from within and is not only a great friend but a wonderful coach and mentor who really cares about what she does and is passionate about helping others to be the best versions of themselves. She is an honest, loyal and caring person who enriches the lives of everyone she meets and has been an absolute blessing in my life."

- Veronique Garbutt

“Debra is a highly motivated, self-sufficient woman who has a capacity to see the positive in people and situations. Her skills and wisdom permeate into her personal life, this in turn flows into her professional life and work, providing an ideal platform for empowering coaching.” 

- Wendy Jackson

"Debra has an infectious bubbly personality, which inspires confidence, and an “anything is possible” approach to life. She is intuitive, highly moral, intelligent, hardworking, trustworthy, and a strong personality. She has that faith to produce a smile through adversity."

Kind Words from Clients

In 2011 I gifted myself with a 3 month “break” in the Swiss Alps. This is where I reconnected with myself, found my happy place, and discovered my love for the mountains.


I am an introverted extrovert and even though I can be quite the social butterfly, quiet alone time in nature or at home is important to me.


I love my clipboard, writing to do lists and ticking tasks off and I probably could have been an events planner with my ability to prep, plan and action anyone and anything. 


I am a minimalist and love clean, neat, tidy, organised, open, airy and light spaces, especially when I am working, it helps me to think clearly. 


Fun Facts about me

Honesty and Integrity
I believe in being honest, authentic, and transparent in all my interactions both personally and professionally.

Love and Kindness
I fully respect my clients, providing a safe and supportive space for their transformation, listening to their needs and concerns,
and working with them to achieve their goals.

Learning and Growth
I am passionate about teaching and sharing my knowledge and experience with my clients and love helping those I work with develop
new skills and evolved their own natural talents and gifts.

Positivity and Inspiration
I am committed to motivating, inspiring, and uplifting my clients by supporting them in shifting into a positive state of being
and to unlocking their full potential.

Satisfaction and Success
I am dedicated to helping my clients align to their dreams and desires, so the can get the best results in the best possible way.

Personal Brand Values