And consistently show up in and with your Full Creative Potential.


Align Yourself

Well-Being and Mindset Coaching for passion driven female entrepreneurs with a creative service based on-line business.  

I have a passion for helping female entrepreneurs, like you, to consistently show up in your biz and for your dream clients without burnout or compromising your own well-being, but rather in and with your full creative potential.  

I absolutely love that I get to fulfil my purpose and passion through my work, and I feel so blessed to have been gifted with a natural talent and ability to bring out the very best in the each and every woman that I work with.

Hello Lovely Lady

My name is Debra McCreedy, and I am a Well-Being and Mindset Coach. 

The way in which you show up in your Biz and for your dream clients matters.  



When you show up in and with your full creative potential, everything just flows.

You are able to consciously create and consistently produce amazing content just like that, launch value packed services that your audience will absolutely love; and still have the energy to show up and serve your dream client at your very best, and easily get her great results.    

Well-Being + Mindset Coaching

Free Video Training

The 3 Key Elements to unlock your full Creative Potential.

For passion driven female entrepreneurs with a creative service based on-line business.


I believe in Quality and Adding Value

I believe in quality and adding value and that means when you work with me, I don’t hold back on sharing all my knowledge, wisdom and everything I know with you; so that you can upgrade your mindset, up your vibe, become the best version of yourself. This is when you can finally shatter that glass ceiling that they all talk about, which I call your AHA, Light bulb moments” . These are when your magical shifts happen and more often than not, there will be one for you each and every session. 

Working with a High-Quality Experience Coach

With 20 years in the Wellness Industry, my training as a Health & Fitness Instructor, Classical Pilates Teacher, Specialised Kinesiologist and Mindset Coach; combined with my own experience as a female entrepreneur; have all given me a solid foundation with a full holistic perspective of how to individually get the woman I work with great results. All whilst providing a safe place and space, that’s held in love and light with your best interest at heart.

Get the Tools and Techniques that Work

The program is full of life tools, skills, knowledge and insight that I shall teach and share with you, that are easy to integrate into your life and that you will always remember. Plus, what sets working with me apart from the rest, is that I bring in techniques and formulas that are unique to my training as a Specialised Kinesiologist, which have been tested and proven and add extra value to the program. 

Unlock your full Creative Potential 

Private Coaching

Let’s work closely together over 3 months, where I will personally lead you through my on-line signature Coaching Program; teaching you how to unlock your full creative potential so that you can consistently show up in your business and for your dream clients. 

Group Coaching

Join an intimate group of like-minded high vibe ladies and together I will lead you, and the group, through my 3 month signature Coaching Program; where you shall learn how to consistently show up in your business and for your dream clients by unlocking your full creative potential. 


How we can work together:

Become the best version of yourself whilst building and growing a business you are proud of.


“Debra, you are such an incredible human being who has really unlocked my potential and allowed me to take complete charge of my life and steer me positively towards my goals.”

- Yeshmeeta Peters

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?

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“If you make your relationship with your Inner Being your top priority, and you deliberately choose thoughts that allow your alignment, you will consistently offer the greatest advantage to others with whom you interact. Only when you are aligned with your Source do you have anything to offer another.”

– Esther Hicks